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ROB - Our Pet Hair Remover

ROB - Our Pet Hair Remover

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It’s time to pamper your cat’s body!


This efficient undercoat shedding tool kit slicker pet grooming brush is perfect for pet owners and groomers alike. With its ergonomic and durable non-slip rubber handle, grooming your small, medium, or large short/long-haired animals will be a comfortable and effortless experience. Trust us, you'll enjoy grooming your dog and cat with this tool.


The pet hair remover, ROB, features high-quality combs with self-cleaning buttons. These combs effectively remove shedding fur without scratching your pet's skin, while also promoting a shiny and healthy coat. Furthermore, the stainless-steel tips ensure safe and comfortable removal of knots. Not only does ROB keep your pets clean, it also helps maintain a hygienic home environment.


ROB - Our Pet Hair Remover is specifically designed to make pet brushing an effortless task. Its ergonomic handle features a silicone, slip-resistant grip for comfortable and easy use. You can easily de-shed your pet's undercoat, regardless of fur length or thickness, without causing any discomfort or hassle.


This pet brush not only improves the appearance of your pet, but also promotes a lustrous coat and boosts blood circulation for a healthier feel. It's a favorite of pets for its grooming and massaging benefits.

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